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To become a member please see if you fit the current criteria and apply for membership below ideally you will be recommended by an existing member, please note that VIP guests need to be voted in and then are able to attend one conference before joining:

The hallmark of an ATL nominee is that they are grounded in the basic aspects of self-development, and have the intention to approach both life and work with a open attitude.

Criteria for membership in ATL Europe:

1) A member is grounded in basic aspects of self-development; realizing human potential in one’s internal and external world both in individuals and groups.

2) A member has the intention to approach both life and work from an open attitude

3) A member is a high-functioning individual that has been identified by their peers as having a history of facilitating transformation in their fields. Ideally you will have a strong track record in this area and will be able to demonstrate this. Ideally you will be affecting over 10,000 people with your work.

4) A member is an individual who is interested in up-leveling their work by having an opportunity to stay engaged in high-level information exchange and process-sharing with other leaders.

5) A member is an individual of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate and/or humanitarian endeavors.

6) A member has completed the vetting & selection process, after being invited by a current member.

7) A member includes fun and play as part of their transformational work.

8) A member understands that ATL is a place to connect, not to sell.

9) A member is “low maintenance” and “checks their ego” at the door.

10) A member demonstrates integrity in all areas of their lives, including how they perceive and handle conflict.

Subscribe to become a member of ATL Europe (498 euros per year). Members are able to use the ATL Europe Logo on their site, and promotional material. Membership is for a year and you are able to attend all events that are held within that period of time.

ATL Members will have their profile on the ATL site with contact details, ATL members will gain access to a formidable network and peer group. ATL Members have access to a private Facebook group and ongoing community calls.

ATL membership is my invitation only you will need to be recommended by an existing members. Please fill out the form below to apply for membership.

ATL is open for nominations twice a year during the first month after the ATL weekend which is April and October each year.

The applicant understands that by applying for the membership they need to attend one of the 2 upcoming ATL weekends. If they cannot their nomination is postponed until they can.

Below is the timeline:
April 1 / October 1 – April 10 / October 10
The nominations are submitted

April 11 / October 11 – April 15 / October 15
BOD approves which Nominations are accepted

April 16 / October 16 – April 30 / October 30
Application submitted

May 1 / November 1 – May 10 / November 10
BOD approves the Applications and recommends them for voting

May 11 / November 10 – May 24 / November 24
Voting takes places online

May 25 / November 25 – June 8 / December 8
BOD discusses the voting results and approves the new members

June 9 / December 9 – June 15 / December 15
Confirmation or Non-Confirmation of Members goes to the Applicants
Membership Registration Link goes us to the New Member with a request to pay by July 7/ January 7

June 16 / December 16 – July 7 / January 7
New Member pays the membership fee

July 8 / January 8 – July 15 / January 15
The new membership package is e-mailed to the new members.


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