About Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman is an International Speaker, an author of Find Your Why to become frickin’ awesome and the creator of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge where she is a mentor to women wanting to choose a life of freedom after a change in their lives.

Cheryl spent 25 years the corporate world developing some of the largest retailers across the globe.

Her expertise was in being able to see where the gaps were and then create solutions to fill these areas in terms of products and service.

Back in 2012 at the age of 48 she started to ask herself “Why am I here?” and “Is this all there is to life?” Knowing what she didn’t want, which was to travel to a place of work spending hours doing what she didn’t enjoy, drove her to look for alternatives. She found that in “The art of public speaking”
Mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, across Europe and the UK she quickly earned the title as one of the most productive coaches in the world. Cheryl used The Jet Set Speaker System created by Andy Harrington to help them to take their knowledge and put it into a frame work to create product that helped others.

She worked with experts from all areas of business and life including mining safety,leaders, property development, self- development coaches, entrepreneurs and conscious marketers.

Having the ability to connect with logical left brain people and creative right brain ones too, help Cheryl to be able to connect all of her clients and in turn help them to connect with theirs.

It was whilst working with these clients that she realised how many wanted to make a difference in the world by sharing their gifts with the world.
She wrote Find Your WHY! How to become frickin awesome because she understood that women go through a change (not just the physical one) this usually occurs on the back of one of the 3 “D”s:

A Death, A Divorce or A Desertion.

The latter can be children leaving home or loss of job. It is in these moments that a woman can struggle to understand their purpose (their WHY!)

It was this ability to be on the same wavelength as her clients that led to Cheryl creating The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge with her business partner Marion Bevington in 2015.

They realised that there were women who:

“Don’t want to figure it out on their own and they don’t want to do it alone”

It is interesting that the skills that I learned in my corporate career are the ones that I still use today:

Communicating, Connecting and Collaboration.

The WHY’s Women of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge are all strong women, the women most other friends and family go to when they are in need of help.

Now they have a place where they can get advise from liked minded women, who has or are experiencing the same challenges The Lounge provides them with a space for them to focus on themselves.

It’s also a somewhere that they are stretched too, where they are asked to make commitments to themselves and to keep to them so they can A.I.M for their WHY! And find it.

Cheryl is know as The ACTION Taker and she is from the north of England where the people are friendly and straight talkers, so she will tell you as she sees it, there’s no bullshit and flannel, if she spots you making excuses she’ll call you on it, because she wants you to succeed too. An iron hand in a velvet glove.

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