About GinaLazenby

Gina Lazenby is Co-Founder & CEO of The Women Gathering Project, which empowers women and their networks. By providing web technology services & consulting WGP helps women connect online & in-person at women’s gatherings. Gina is supporting this new global women's movement as part of what she calls the Rise of the Feminine, the title of her latest book. She draws on years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and multi award-winning business woman, and her best-selling books have sold over half a million copies internationally. She uses her insights from a 20-year journey through ancient wisdom and healthy living to apply principles of flow in the workplace and in people’s lives. Her books on feng shui and The Healthy Home were translated into 16 languages and she was recently featured as one of the Pilgrim Mothers in a new book called The Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs. She was also a co-author of book on how to collaborate in business called The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies Without a Net.

Gina has been featured regularly on TV including BBC 2 Newsnight, The Money Programme and Channel 4 News and having put feng shui on the map in virtually every newspaper and magazine in the country, she was recognised by the Institute of Public Relations with a Sword of Excellence Award. Gina has been a pioneer in the human potential movement by opening London’s first Personal Development Centre way back in 1994.

Gina is a Life Fellow of the Feng Shui Society, an International Board member of Leading Women of Africa and a keen supporter of, and visitor to, the Hunger Project’s leadership training programme for women in rural India. In the last seven years she has travelled extensively exploring new ideas and researching new ways of being in the twenty first century. her blog woman-at-large is an eclectic library of stories celebrating women and feminine leadership and she is invited to speaking internationally on women’s issues, business, lifestyle and spirituality. Gina hosts women’s gatherings all over the globe and leads transformational retreats and business programmes for women in sacred places like her own Healthy Home in Yorkshire and Bali

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