Whats your Everest for 2014? from Deri

So we are nearly at the end of January and you will have just got to the bottom of the new year resolution emails in your inbox. Don’t worry… I’m not going to add to them, they are mere whims. I am more interested in BIG Vision, Awesome Strategy and Superb execution.

You’ll always hear me harping on about your purpose in business and in life and encouraging you to do what you LOVE! So now is the time to think about what is the BIG THING for you. What’s the one MA-HU-SIVE vision you want to bring into reality this year?

Think about something that gets you excited, but also something that will STRETCH you, CHALLENGE you for 2014 and then let’s get clear on the strategy of how you will achieve it.

My passion is adventure and I want to inspire you to set yourself a BIG VISION… Have a look at this weeks video which is part of my strategy for my BIG CHALLENGE of Everest 2015!!!

The Summit team started our training on a Scottish Munro just before xmas and immediately we were faced with an obstacle. It was probably the worst weather of the year, blizzard conditions with 100mph winds. So when we heard the forecast we could have postponed, but we didn’t because the end result means so much to us! And we are all SUPER clear on that.

Everest Training Weekend-2

Think about the BIG Challenge you have set yourself and be aware (if it hasn’t happened already) that you will be tested on how much you want it, and if you give up on the first hurdle, you are not setting a target with emotional commitment. You need to want it really want it!

NOTE: As this BIG Challenge will be a stretch, break down the target into smaller benchmarks and reward yourself for achieving them – just like we did by having a champagne 3 course dinner on top of the mountain. Watch the video I kid you not!

I would love to hear what your BIG Challenge is for 2014 as there are fantastic followers of this blog who might be able to support you… me included

SO think BIG, set your Vision BIG, get super passionate about it and REALLY REALLY REALLY want it…. Now crack on and make it happen. See you at the top!