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‘Darling just fing own it! When we change so does the world around us’

This weeks blog will totally change your existence on this planet and transform your life…

If you choose to fing own it and see it that is! (Not all of you will)

Have you ever had a stressful situation in your life? Perhaps you have fallen out with a friend or colleague or family member. No one likes it when this happens and it causes everyone in and around the situation pain and hurt let alone the people involved. Have you got a situation like this at the moment in your life?

It is easy to spend our life blaming people for things and being the victim, it’s a safe comfortable place to be. But let me ask you this do you believe that life is happening to you or for you? When we realise that we create our own reality everything shifts. When we own our part in situations the energy dissolves and life becomes an easier place.

For most of my adult life I have blamed my father for not being the father I wanted, thoughts like he is not very emotional and was never interested in me and my sister dominated my life. In my mid twenties I justified his behaviour by recognising that he never had much of a father figure in his life and that is why he was the way he was. I thought I had put it to bed.

‘When we change so does the world around us’

Recently what I have only just seen is the role I had to play in my story and how I contributed to the situation. In reality I had taken my love away from him and talked about him and too him in a certain way, believing he was the way he was and that he would never change and that I was in the right. When I became conscious of my part in the situation and owned it and accepted it, apologising to him our relationship changed. I am happy to report the break through with my father has been amazing and I realise I always was daddies little girl that I wanted to be I just didn’t see it.

Where are you making someone wrong and not owning your part in things?

As humans we don’t like to see this stuff as it threatens our identity and self worth but when we are really and truly honest with ourselves and we take responsibility for our part, life begins to get easier.

Do you blame others? When we do we make our life a misery, a roller coaster of hateful emotion. When we take responsibility and own our own shite it irons this out and problems fall away.

Does your life flow or are you in turmoil?

Think about a situation that is causing you upset or is worrying you.

Now the next bit is hard and believe me your ego won’t want you to do this. I want you to be truly honest with yourself, how have you contributed to the situation! Yes you – what part did you play?

One of the simplest things you can do is apologise to the other person for your part in it and watch how the energy shifts. So do you own it and see it? Or are you reading this daze and confused. Don’t defend it and justify it, own it. When you own it you can change it. What behaviours and beliefs often stand between you and happiness?

Your turn…Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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