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‘Top tips on how to Keep Calm Serve and get out of your own way’


For a long time now I have wanted to do my own thing. By that I mean write inspirational blogs, speak and inspire people, yet every time I get an opportunity to step up, the voice in my head gets louder ‘who would want to listen’, ‘what have you got to say that people would want to hear.’

Having come from a dark place to one where there is now light, I figure if I can help one person with my journey then I will have achieved something. I am learning that rather than focusing on ourselves and our feelings of inadequacy we need to focus on the bigger picture and who we can help and how we can serve.

Yes – Get out of your own way!

When we focus on the impact we will have and the people we well help the fear melts away.

Say you have been wanting to start that teacher training course or begin that book but can’t quite get around to starting. You know you are procrastinating and avoiding it but can’t seem to help it. Well we need to realise that we are all at different stages of our personal journey. We can help one another and human kind by lifting each other up the development chain. If we focus on helping those around us, we all become stronger.

So what if you are not the most experienced teacher in the world – you will still be able to help a young child learn to read and write, so what if you have never officially written a book before but long to help others – get out of your own way and start.

Things become easier when we start!

We are always being supported from above, our spidey sense is always there guiding us, we just have to listen and be open to the guidance. We also have to realise that this guidance comes in all shapes, sizes and ways. I always used to think that people who were psychic had super human powers and that they had a loud voice in their heads giving them directions like someone speaking over a microphone. Now I realise that all psychic ability is heightened intuition and that we all have psychic abilities.

Think back to a time you have walked in a room and instantly knew there was a problem? Or the classic you know who is on the other end of the phone when it rings, these are both forms of heightened intuition.

Our spidey sense as I like to call it guides us all our lives, we just have to recognise it and by tuning into it, it will get stronger.

When we shift our focus away from what can we get to how can we serve the world changes.

People born at this time are here for a reason and we are at a critical point in humanity, we have a window of a few years to shift the consciousness on this planet and the more we recognise that and ask how we can serve the more the answers will come.

The answers come in all shapes and sizes and in completely different ways. Sometimes you might be drawn to a particular article or notice something which helps you, other times this guidance may come in the form of another person. By talking to them the answer maybe become clear. More recently I find I am strongly drawn to people at networking events who turn out to be great contacts or I get an amazing synchronicity happening in my life which is my spirit giving me signs. A rather freaky habit that has developed as I have become more aware is when I am talking about something which is positive or of benefit, maybe an idea I am playing with, I get a rush of energy through my body. So much so that my hairs stand on end!

We are guided constantly. When we ask the question how can I serve? How can I make the biggest impact on this planet? Miraculous things happen.

I am currently working with some friends on a project which will inspire a billion people and all the way through the process the guidance has been particularly strong, there is a real energy around this project. When we ask ,the guidance comes, yet we rarely ask.

So Keep Calm, Serve and Get out Your own way!

We are all here for a greater mission it is whether we choose to listen to our calling. So the next time you find yourself worried about thing’s in your life, keep calm, breathe deeply in and out for a few seconds and connect to your spirit it will show you the way to help and serve.

Write a list of the things you are looking to give to the universe. How are you looking to help others – this is not about what you want but about how you can give. Then daily ask the question how can I serve and watch the guidance come.

Abundant Living – No Regrets

How do you receive guidance from them upstairs?