Without knowing in advance what ATL was exactly standing for, I decided to attend the London conference with the
spirit of ''you never know what it can bring''. When it was Sunday evening, I was immensely happy I did make that decision.
I met fantastic people who have become friends immediately and who have inspired me in all different aspects of
transformational leadership. Fantastic talks, great sharing of experiences, lots of fun and a tremendous energy amongst all of us.
Words are lacking to say what it has brought to me and to all of us. Without knowing each other in advance,
we really share a common vision of what ATL & being a transformational leader can mean to Europe.
I am really looking forward to the next event to meet again and take a next step !

Patrick Pype

I enjoyed being amongst a group of people I can call my peers. People who are interested to share their wisdom and skills across the borders of Europe and support each other in doing so, as well as learning with and from one another.

Brigitte Sumner

ATL conferences feed your mind, expand your vision and the best thing is the people, it is like coming home to your own tribe.

Molly Harvey

The weekend I spent in Ascot during the ATL conference In March 2013 will be an unforgettable experience for a long time to come. I want to thank ATL for this and all the wonderful people who were there!

Dr Sophia Protopapa

One of the most transformational conferences I have ever attended, where love and generosity reigned every day in the spirit of sharing

Runa Gudrun Bergmann

Joining the ATL Meeting in Ascot last weekend was my journey through wonderland. Everyone I spoke to during these two days opened a new window for me with a breath taking view into a magic new world. Each one of them gave me the precious gift of new insight and experience. The ATL is a world changing gathering of transformational leaders and true human jewels. It was so refreshing to see how everyone offered their tools, books, approaches, experiences and ideas as a genuine gift to others. Marie, Kitty and everyone else on the Executive Committee and organization team, thanks for making this an unforgettable weekend! We laughed together. We learned, and brainstormed together. We inspired and uplifted each other. We crafted new life changing projects that will see daylight soon. I thought I was doing great things to make the world a better place by helping people rocket their ideas into enterprise. Meeting all these amazing people, I understood once again how much more we can do together. Margaret Meade puts it in a nutshell: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Monique Blokzyl

ATL Europe is my home group of like minded peers, all sharing the vision of assisting others to become the best people they have the potential to be. Transformational Leaders, populated by inspiring and entertaining colleagues that I consider my friends. I'm humbled and honoured to have been invited to become a Founding Member of the ATL Europe.

Ian Young

The ATL Conference gave a wonderful feeling of inspiration and connection. Being with all these amazing people is a true gift.

Annemiek Van der Zant

The event and the speakers were excellent. It has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to work further with in my personal developement. It gave me a far greater grasp of how we can impact this world together. The skills I learned will be invaluable, excellent event and wonderful people participating.

Kim Bendsten, Scandi Logistics

When I was invited to join the ATL and the event at Windsor, I had never heard about either TLC or ATL before. I was thinking, is it a good idea to invest that much time and money without knowing whether this was serious or not? I took the chance. It did not take long before I understood that I was about to take part in something beautiful, interesting and important. Meeting all these wonderful people inspired me, gave me an energy boost, it made me feel even more certain that we actually can make a difference. It was yet another reassurance about the importance of continuing our work with TFT, in our humanitarian work, in research, in helping individuals and in spreading the knowledge worldwide. This group of amazing people proved that there is definitely the power of one, and there is even more the power of many! I went home to Oslo with new books in my suitcase and new friends in my heart; warm, wise and dedicated friends, from which I can learn and get new ideas. Hopefully I can contribute, too. I am glad and proud to be a founding member of ATL Europe. Thank you Marie, Kitty and the rest of our brand new association, for making this come true!

Bitta R Wiese,

CEO Mats Uldal Humanitarian Foundation, Reg Thought Field Therapist MNLH and instructor at Mats Uldal International School of TFT.

The ATL is a truly European gathering of Transformational Leaders, one of which I am truly honoured to be part off. The energy in the room was truly amazing, the conversation deep and profound and the potential for this is beyond words

Deri Llewelyn Davies – BGI Growth International

In joining ATL Europe, I felt a big shift I wanted to contribute to in my life and in the world could finally happen. ATL Europe helped me shift the inertia within myself and in others to raise the quality and level of the difference we were attempting to make. ATL Europe is a tribe of people who will honour your gifts and whose talents and passions you can honour too. They work together with real resonance, humility, alignment and presence. The vibration of my life has shifted as a result of being in their presence and aligning myself to our shared sense of connectedness and oneness. Together we have already triggered a movement in the world and raised the frequency of energy it is tuned into and evolving with. Any person, working for empowering themselves, and empowering others in a large scale way, should offer themselves to ATL Europe’s ongoing mission that is empowering people throughout the continent

Jazz Rasool, Director Energy Diamond.

I joined the ATL weekend mostly because of an undefined feeling. I was not totally aware of what I could expect, but I hoped that this would prove to be worth the money spend on travelling from Norway to meet people I did not know before and what a weekend it became. From the first second I felt the sincere warmth and heartfelt intensions from everybody participating. Some of the people just blew me away with what they had achieved powered by their good heart. I felt humble to be amongst such quality people and that I had been asked to join. Thank you Marius!

We had very interesting presenters and the conference was led by Marie Diamond and Kitty Waters in an excellent and loving way. What a pair!

It is strange to experience how good friends you can become in such a short while when everybody just decides to be open to each other. You are not able to talk much with everyone in a single weekend, so I am already looking very much forward to our next meeting in the spring. This was worth a lot more than I paid for travel and stay and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I am deeply honoured to be a founding member of ATL Europe and I will do my utmost to contribute with whatever I can to this lifechanging organization.

Mats Udal TFT Therapy

I know what I feel, but am I eloquent enough to put into words how utterly awesome and compelling the inaugural ATL Europe event was. Being with the other leaders was nothing short of ‘coming-home’ for me. I had intended only to stay until the morning of the second day, because I had already organised to be some place else. But it became obvious that I was already in the right place, so I stayed Sunday too. The event was lead so well by Marie Diamond, and orchestrated by the the incredible Kitty Waters. The highlight, (which lasted the whole event)- was the connection, interaction, friendship and harmony with the other ATL Europe leaders. Thank you fellow leaders. Thank you ATL Europe.

Derek Mills Author of ‘The 10-Second Philosophy’